Donate Toiletries, Clothing, Food or Gifts

Donate Toiletries, Clothing, Food or Gifts

In-kind donations are an important part of the services we provide to homeless and formerly homeless adults in Philadelphia. 

Please review the the "Volunteer & Donation" guide below as well as following list to find out how you can best help Bethesda Project.  If you have further questions, contact our Community Life Department at or 215-236-7850.


Please note that we are unable to pick up donations.

Bethesda Project welcomes donations of: 

 Casseroles (see below for more instructions)


 Shaving Cream

NEW Linens:

 Twin-sized Sheets
 Twin-sized Blankets & Comforters
 Standard-sized Pillows and Pillowcases
 Bath and Hand Towels

Men’s Clothing, New or Gently Used, Laundered, Bagged and Tied (not boxed):

 NEW Men’s Underwear
 NEW Men’s Socks
 Outerwear (coats, jackets, sweaters)
 Dress Clothes (suits, blazers, shirts)
 Casual Clothes (t-shirts, jeans)
 Boots, Shoes and Sneakers

Other Donations are Appreciated:

 Books, CDs, and DVDs
 Holiday gifts (see below)
 Gift Cards (see below) 

Bethesda Project cannot accept donations of:

 Home and office furniture
 Women’s clothing
 Used linens, underwear, or socks
 Already-opened food, including leftovers from large group gatherings (due to USDA regulations).  If you would like to prepare a meal on-site at a residence, please contact us.

Casserole Program

Join the large group of volunteers who contribute over 450 casseroles every month!  Our cooks prepare and freeze casseroles at their own homes, and deliver them to our residence Bethesda Sanctuary to be stored in our walk-in freezer.  Then we distribute them to our shelters and residences.

We have a few special requests regarding the preparation of the casseroles:

 It is important to follow the USDA Food Safety Guidelines found online at:

 Please label the casseroles, noting:

        1. Source (name of sponsoring organization or family name)
        2. Date of preparation
        3. Name of Casserole Dish
        4. Main Ingredients

 Use 18" x 12" disposable aluminum pans
 Do NOT include pork products, due to the dietary restrictions of many of our residents.
 Deliver your casseroles to Bethesda Sanctuary, 816 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, PA 19146.

To schedule a weekday delivery, contact the Program Coordinator at (215) 545-6178. For evening and weekend deliveries, please call on a weekday (Mon-Fri, 9-5), to arrange the delivery time.  The Program Coordinator can also explain where best to park to drop off your delivery.

Holiday Gifts

Every year Bethesda Project encourages our residents to request two special gifts during the winter holidays, each in the $25-30 range.  Religious, civic and business groups donate many of these gifts.  In addition, several hundred new clothing items are distributed as holiday gifts at our shelters.  If you would like to be part of holiday giving at Bethesda Project, please contact us.

Gift Cards

During the year Bethesda has a recurring need for $5 gifts cards (to stores like Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, etc.) and $20-25 gift cards (supermarkets, department stores, drug stores, etc.) for special events at our residences.